About Me

This site is to present me professionally. I deal with web design, having worked for online magazines in the past years at jobs that mostly dealt with images accompanying articles (various infographics, illustrations on a given topic, collage, photomontage, etc.), as well as various banners, wallpapers and similar promotional material appearing in the magazine. However, what interests me most is frontend development and, even though this is not what I currently do, I try not to lag too much behind in this area; therefore, I constantly monitor what is going on and learn and acquire new skills. My skills are the following:

  • Ps
  • Ai
  • <html/>
  • {CSS}
  • <script/>
  • jQ
  • <?php?>
  • MySQL
  • B
  • WP


I have graduated from a faculty of arts and humanities but soon thereafter I started dealing with web design/development. I took a course in web design at Infokatedra and studied PHP and MySQL at Net.Akademija of the Zagreb Polytechnic.

However, what is most important in this profession is constant independent learning and acquiring of new skills and techniques and daily monitoring of the very fast changes taking place in this sphere. Fortunately, there is a large Internet community that selflessly shares knowledge and skills.

The beauty of this profession lies in the fact that it is never boring and can never turn into a routine.

Work Experience

Immediately after having graduated from university, I got employed as a business secretary in a pharmaceutical company. I stayed at that workplace for a little over two years.

After retraining for a web designer, I worked for a little over a year at an IT company as a web designer/developer designing websites and writing HTML and CSS code.

After that, I ended up at an online magazine where I worked for five years, doing mostly photo galleries for articles. After that, I transferred to another magazine where I worked for three years, mostly on infographics and banners with occasional HTML and CSS coding.


In my free time, I love to take walks; if I notice an interesting motive, I take a photo of it with my smartphone and share it on my Instagram profile.

I regularly visit exhibitions ranging from archaeology, famous artists, up to natural history and technology.

I also enjoy using different electronic gadgets, which I think make our daily life much easier.

I prefer healthy foods and regularly try out new culinary recipes.